The best self-service bays that provide everything you need
to have your car looking spick and span.

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Just like humans don’t like taking cold showers, cars prefer hot water when it comes to getting clean too! All physical and chemical reactions are temperature dependent. In other words — the higher the temperature, the faster and better the cleaning! So with this in mind Stormwash Car Wash has heated water in all of our self-serve bays which is especially nice in winter

Each bay is automated so you can choose up to NINE different wash options and even switch between choices at any time during the cleaning process.

Don’t worry if you have never used a self-serve system before – Stormwash Crew members are regularly available to give you tips and hints on making your car perfectly clean !!!!

It won’t cost you a fortune either and Stormwash self service bays are very easy to use!

hot water at self-serve bays



Simple to use!

Instructions are simple to follow, but to save your time,
here they are so that you can arrive fully prepared!

We also provide a full range of car care products, please visit our self serve vending machine nearby.‚Äč

Operation Instructions

Apply Low Pressure Tyre + Engine Cleaner to surface.
Clean with High Pressure Soap or High Pressure Rinse. 

bug remover

Apply Bug Remover to entire area to loosen dirt.
Wash entire vehicle from top down with High Pressure Soap.


Apply Low Pressure Pre-Soak to entire vehicle from bottom up.
Wash entire vehicle from top down with High Pressure Soap.


Apply High Pressure Soap to entire vehicle from top down.

foaming brush

Wash brush prior to using.
Scrub entire vehicle with foam brush to remove stubborn road film.


Apply High Pressure rinse to entire vehicle from top down.

foaming conditioner

Apply Foaming Conditioner to all painted surfaces, using special applicator.

clear coat protectant

Apply Clear Coat Protectant to seal all painted surfaces.
Then apply Spot Free Rinse.

spot free rinse

Apply Spot Free Rinse to entire vehicle for a spotless finish.



Water saver rating


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