Don't forget to clean the inside of your car,
try the interior facilities at Stormwash Carwash!

Interior Cleaning banner

If you’re using your car often, carrying lots of passengers or just love a dustless
dash and spotless carpet then we recommend this service is for you.

The Stormwash Interior Cleaning services will save you plenty of time and hassle,
and not cost you 
a fortune at the same time. 

High power vacuum

High Power Vacuums

Our vacuum cleaners will take the difficult dirt away. All of our FIVE machines that can be accessed from the entry and exit driveways.
Our vacuums are under shade that will keep you out of the sun.

Hot foam shampoo

Hot Foam Shampoo
In conjunction to our vacuums we have a dry foam shampoo unit that will help clean out
those stains in your car. Simply press the button and apply it to desired area that
want to clean and then vacuum out.

Fragrance machine

Fragrance Machine
You car not smeling the best? Try our fragrance machine for only $1. Simply spray onto the carpet behind the seats.

Our fragrance machines has Six odour killing fragrances:
Strawberry, Vanilla, Cherry, Luscious Lemon, Forest Fresh and New Car.

Fragrance Strawberry   Fragrance vanilla   Fragrance cherry   Fragrance lemon   Fragrance forest fresh   Fragrance new car

Steam cleaning

Steam Cleaning
A cleaning agent is applied to the carpet to help suspend dirt and debris in the carpet;
this is then worked into the carpet fibers with the rotating brushes of our special machine.
After a short well time, the shampoo is extracted with a vacuum.

Bookings are currently available now for Steam Cleaning, please call us to schedule your booking.

03 9369 8779


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