Welcome to the Stormwash K9000 Dog Wash

Your fur baby will be begging you to come back for more!

At Storm Wash we love dogs whether they are big, small, short, tall, hairy or otherwise!
That’s why we have installed two fully equipped do it yourself dog washing facilities that cater for dogs of any shape or size.


We have installed two machines so if you have more than one dog you don’t have to wait!!!!


Take advantage of Storm Wash’s full range of Fido Hypo Allergenic shampoos, conditioners and flea treatments
with the added comfort of warm water and a blow dry.

We even warm the air in winter and cool it down in summer to make sure your pet stays nice and comfortable!
However be warned. Your dog will be begging you to come back for more and at just $1 a minute, why wouldn’t you? ($10 minimum)


Dog Wash   Dog Wash

Dog Wash   Dog Wash



Thanks for using the Stormwash Dogwash.

We hope you and your fur baby enjoy your great experience here!

Premium dog wash

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